Holiday Hollyburn


This is one of those projects that wasn’t planned, but just sort of happened. I finished my existing project and was ready for a new one, but didn’t feel the need to go shopping (gasp). I had this red upholstery fabric in my stash (probably from Hancock Fabrics’ going-out-of-business sale, but I can’t be sure), and thought it would make a nice skirt. I already had the Sewaholic Hollyburn pattern cut out, and knew it worked with stiffer fabrics. So, one night I found myself cutting a Hollyburn out of this mystery upholstery fabric. Continue reading

Dining Room Redec


Happy belated Thanksgiving, everybody! This year we hosted for the first time, and I wanted to make sure that our dining room was nice and presentable for company. We hadn’t really decorated our dining room since we moved in back in February, so I ended up making most of what we needed. I made placemats, napkins, and curtains for our dining room, plus I reupholstered our dining set.

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Senna tote gift


I made this bag for a very special person…my college roommate of all four years. We were randomly paired up freshman year and managed to stick together for all of college. We had our ups and downs, as all roommates do (I know who ate all of my brownies that one night…), but we’re closer now thanks to it. After she saw the Senna Tote that I made myself last year, Sarah asked for one of her own.  Something that she could show off to her classmates, I think she said.  Continue reading