Me Made May 2018 Recap


I set two goals for Me Made May this year: 1) to wear majority me-made outfits every day, and 2) to dive back into the art of bra-making. I was successful in both, but I’ll save the bra-making adventures for a separate post. Here is what I wore for the month of May! I thought it would be interesting to document when I made each item that I wore, so I’ve included that information below. Continue reading


Year in review: 2016 Hits, Misses, and Highlights


2016 has been a prolific making year for me. All together, I sewed or knitted 100 items, including 24 garments for myself, 45 for others (mostly baby presents and bandanas for Zamboni), and 31 for the house. Every year I like to reflect back on what I’ve made, what worked, and what didn’t. Thanks to Crafting a Rainbow for the annual inspiration! You can see my previous roundups here: 2014, 2015.   Continue reading

Back to School Fall Sewing Plans


Back to school, back to school, to prove to Dad that I’m not a fool. Now that I’m entering my 19th year of school, I’m pretty sure my dad doesn’t think that I’m a fool, but that song still gets stuck in my head every fall. It’s still hot and steamy here, but I’m starting to daydream about fall clothes, and what I want to sew this season. My time is fairly limited until October, when I take my comps, so I’m trying not to be overly ambitious. November really feels like the beginning of fall here (at least to us northerners transplanted to the south), so it’s not a big deal. Here’s what I want to make for the fall/winter: Continue reading