Grainline Studio Lakeside Pajamas… as Running Shorts


I’ve made two pairs of Lakeside pajamas before (a crazy butterfly pair and a silky black and white pair) but this version is way different. This time, I made these pajama shorts into running shorts!  Continue reading


Running Tights Take 2: Jalie 3462 (Cora)


Joann’s has really upped their activewear fabric game lately. I was really impressed with their selection last time I went, both in terms of selection and the seemingly improved quality of that selection as well. I was inspired to make another pair of running tights, since it’s, you know, winter. Plus, I’ve been playing intramural soccer.
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Running Tights: Jalie 3462


I hurt my achilles training for a marathon just over two years ago. The shirt I’m wearing in these pics is actually from that marathon that I did not run. I injured myself too close to the deadline to give away my registration, and had already paid for entry, so I made sure to at least get my shirt. Since then, I’ve been slowly but surely working my way back to running. Just this month I’ve been able to run 3 pain-free miles. Continue reading