Me Made May 2017: Week 4


That’s a wrap! Me Made May and daily photos are officially over. I made it the entire month wearing only clothes that I’ve made. Thanks for following along with me on this adventure.

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Year in review: 2016 Hits, Misses, and Highlights


2016 has been a prolific making year for me. All together, I sewed or knitted 100 items, including 24 garments for myself, 45 for others (mostly baby presents and bandanas for Zamboni), and 31 for the house. Every year I like to reflect back on what I’ve made, what worked, and what didn’t. Thanks to Crafting a Rainbow for the annual inspiration! You can see my previous roundups here: 2014, 2015.   Continue reading

A year without buying clothes


My new year’s resolutions are normally pretty lame….floss everyday, exercise three days a week, you get the idea. This year, though, I stepped it up and resolved to not buy any clothes in 2015. My goal was made with the intention to reduce my consumption, and lessen my reliance on/addiction to fast fashion. (See more about my thoughts on why I sew here.) Here we are, at the end of 2015, and I wanted to check in with how I did.  Continue reading