In pursuit of the perfect pencil skirt: Simplicity 1559


This seems crazy, but I’ve only made one skirt in the past two years. 2016 and 2017 were all about pants: Itch to Stitch North Point Trousers, Hudson Sweatpants, Style Arc Sadie Pants, Ginger Jeans, and Colette Clovers.┬áThis year, though, I’m going to get back into skirts. I want to find the perfect pencil skirt pattern and sew up a work wardrobe full of them. Continue reading


Goldenrod Pencil Skirt


Remember how an impulse purchase recently led me to a disaster of a tank top? Well, I bought this fabric at the same time as part of the same impulse purchase. It is an upholstery fabric that was found in the exact same clearance bin at Joann’s. Fortunately, this story has a happier ending.

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Floral Pencil Skirt


When I’m planning a sewing project, or sometimes even after it’s completed, I’ll think, “If I saw this in a store, would I want to try it on?” ┬áSometimes the answer is no. Sometimes the things I want to make are not necessarily what I envision myself wearing. Or maybe they are what I envision myself wearing, but not what I actually wear. There can be a difference. Continue reading