Moneta for my Momma

This is my third Moneta.  My previous versions (see here and here) were also black and white, but this one isn’t for me.  I made it as a birthday present for my mom! I was fortunate enough to see my mom the weekend after her birthday and conned her into taking pictures in her new dress, with a pair of heels I brought just for the occasion.

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Sleeveless Striped Moneta


At the same time that I bought the fabric for my fourth and fifth plantain tees, I also bought some striped fabric with the idea of making another Moneta. When I bought this fabric, I thought that it was navy blue and white.  It turns out that it’s black and white.  I have a ton of black and white dresses already (see my other Moneta here and my b/w Coco here, plus a bunch of other pre-blog or RTW dresses), but what’s the harm in one more? Continue reading