Men’s Sewing: Creating a shirt from an existing shirt


I’ve had a terrible time sewing clothes that fit my partner. He’s not particularly odd-shaped, but the times that I’ve attempted (see here, here, here, and here) haven’t worked out very well. They don’t look terrible in photos, but he’s never actually worn them  in real life. Continue reading


Men’s Sewing: Thread Theory Jutland Shorts


This all started when Brandon complained that he needed new shorts at the beginning of summer. He had his cargo shorts from college, but wanted something a little nicer. I took forever to follow-up on this request, and in the meantime he bought 3 pairs from Old Navy. Nevertheless, I still wanted to try my hand at making a pair for him. I used Thread Theory’s Jutland Shorts pattern, after seeing Meg of Cookin’ & Craftin’ make a great pair for her husband.

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