Fall Jacket: Kelly Anorak


I have officially fallen behind in blogging. I’ve now made everything that I planned to make for the fall, but have only managed to blog the cardigan. It’s not because I haven’t made some good stuff, though. This jacket is the pièce de résistance of my fall sewing collection. It may also be my all-time favorite make.

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Fall 2017 Sewing Plans


The back-to-school propoganda has started popping up everywhere. Brandon actually warned me not to go to Target unless I wanted to be surrounded by moody teenagers anxious about going back to school. Rather than thinking about school myself, I’ve made up a list of Fall 2017 sewing plans. They fall into two categories: special occasion dresses and mix-and-match basic separates.  Continue reading

Back to School Fall Sewing Plans


Back to school, back to school, to prove to Dad that I’m not a fool. Now that I’m entering my 19th year of school, I’m pretty sure my dad doesn’t think that I’m a fool, but that song still gets stuck in my head every fall. It’s still hot and steamy here, but I’m starting to daydream about fall clothes, and what I want to sew this season. My time is fairly limited until October, when I take my comps, so I’m trying not to be overly ambitious. November really feels like the beginning of fall here (at least to us northerners transplanted to the south), so it’s not a big deal. Here’s what I want to make for the fall/winter: Continue reading