Knowing when to give up and move on


With clothes shopping, you know if a garment is going to fit before you lay down your cash. With sewing, it’s a little different. Every time you test out a new pattern, it’s all a gamble, and frequently it’s hard to test the fit until the last few steps. Things can go wrong in so many ways.  Fit. Style. Combination of pattern and fabric.

It probably seems like I didn’t sew very much for myself this summer. I posted two swimsuits in August, pajamas and a simple knit dress in July, and a scarf and skirt in June. Writing that out, it doesn’t seem so shabby, but my less busy months work-wise are in the summer, so I expected to be cranking out clothes left and right. Unfortunately, I had a few failures. The two garments in particular that I’ll talk about below were never even finished. Continue reading