Me Made May 2019


My goal for Me Made May 2019 was to wear only me-made clothes, with 3 exceptions: athletic socks, athletic swimsuit, and a bridesmaids dress. I thought that this might be difficult for me, because Me Made May 2019 was my first Me Made May post-grad school, requiring semi-professional clothes on most weekdays. It was also a crazy busy month for me, with personal travel on every weekend. But, I made it through without much struggle!

Here’s what I wore:

It turned out that it wasn’t very challenging to wear only me-made items for a month. The most difficult part, by far, was not work-appropriate clothing, but exercise clothing. I only have one pair of me-made running shorts, and 3 or 4 sports bras. If I wasn’t regularly exercising, I could have down laundry far less frequently in the month of May.

I wore almost no skirts in the month of May. I really haven’t been waring skirts at all, but hadn’t realized it until going through this exercise. It’s been all about dresses and pants since I managed to make some work-appropriate pants that I like (Sasha Trousers…will be blogged eventually…).

My most-worn item, by a long shot, was my Chambray Granville Shirt. This shirt has shrunk in the wash and is just a smidge too small. I’d love to make a new version that is more comfortable to wear. It’s clearly a wardrobe workhorse!

Alright, that’s enough random musings for now. I have clearly fallen behind on blogging my new makes. Now to get out there and take some blog pics!

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