Evie La Luve Chloe


I love trying new underwear patterns. They’re a low commitment in terms of time and cost, and turn into my most worn makes. I’ve tried a ton (7 off the top of my head) of underwear patterns over the past couple of years, but I jumped on the chance to test out another one.

This is the Chloe thong from Evie La Luve. It was a fun, quick pattern to test, so I ended up making two versions: one with Front 1 and Back 1 with the keyhole detail (to the right below), and the other with Front 3 and Back 1 (to the left below).


I have been doing a great job of minimizing my stash lately, so I didn’t have any suitable fabrics on hand to use. I went to Joann’s and got 1.25 yards of this poly spandex from the remnant bin. That was more than enough for this project. What they did not have enough of, though, was elastic. I bought all of the black FOE that they had at Joann’s, which was just 3 yards. It was clear that I was going to need more, so I ended up buying more on Amazon, and it arrived the next day.


I’m normally not a huge fan of FOE. I find it fiddly to work with, and don’t think it gives the most professional finish. But, I never notice it when I wear it, and I actually think it is  a great choice for this pattern. There are rather large differences across the selection of different FOEs out there, and the two different versions that I bought feel pretty different. The Dritz elastic that I bought from Joann’s is stiffer and scratchier (though scratchy is going too far). It was also more expensive, at $4 per yard (not on sale). The YYCRAFT elastic from Amazon is smoother and feels stretchier, and much more affordable at $9.50 for 20 yards. If at all possible, I recommend not buying the Dritz elastic from Joann’s.


I’m really pleased with how these turned out. They are a little bit of a departure from my regular style, but the leopard print drew me in from the remnant bin. They’re super flattering and surprisingly comfortable.

Pattern: Evie La Luve Chloe Thong, size S
Fabric: 1/2 yard polyester leopard print from Joann’s
Notions: 5 yards 5/8″ black FOE from Joann’s and Amazon
Cost: $4.87 fabric + $10 elastic  = $14.87
Time: 3 hours

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