Matching Set: Madalynne Barrett Bralette and Cloth Habit Watson


Two lingerie posts in a row? I think that’s a first for me. I did warn you about that bra-making bug, though… Today I’m showing off another pattern mixing set made up of the Madalynne Barrett Bralette and the Cloth Habit Watson.


Madalynne came out with the Barrett Bralette about a year ago. I wasn’t immediately struck by it. I thought that the cutout was neat, but it looked kinda of complicated and bralettes aren’t really my thing. But, I kept seeing versions made up in this polka dotted mesh on Instagram and decided that I needed one for myself.


Now, I could have just gone and bought one. She sells this exact version in her shop for $58. But, what’s the fun in that? I ordered her bra-making kit instead. At $40, I thought it was pretty pricy. But, I had enough fabric, and *almost* enough elastic leftover to make matching undies. I say almost because I had enough for the waistband and one leg. The other leg is a mashup of three different black picot elastics. I was just able to pull this off with my stash.

Both the bralette and undies are essentially underlined. All areas are made up of a double layer of polkadot mesh and nude stretch mesh. This gives them a little more coverage and support, but they’re not completely opaque.


The kit came with a very thick elastic for the bottom band of the bralette. This makes it fit almost like a longline bra, which isn’t what I expected. Honestly, I think it’s a little too wide for this design. It’s hard for the elastic to sit flat against the body because it doesn’t account for the body getting more narrow toward the waist. Does that make sense? You can see a tiny bit of gaping in some of the pictures that others have pictured of this pattern online. To combat this, I cut my elastic about an inch shorter than the circumference of the bottom of the bralette and eased it in at the back. The elastic still gapes a little bit depending on how I’m sitting or standing, but it’s not a huge deal.


The bralette was surprisingly easy–and quick–to put together. It’s just three pieces: two for each cup and one back band. The triangle cutout wasn’t as complicated as I had anticipated and turned out without much fuss. I also like how everything is clean finished on the inside thanks to the two layers.


The Watson is a TNT pattern for me. I’ve tried a bunch of other undies patterns over the past couple of years (6 or 7 actually), and this is by far my favorite pattern. Cloth Habit also has tutorial with great step-by-step instructions for getting a completely clean finish on the inside. I’m so happy I had enough supplies to make this a complete set.

Speaking of sets… I’ve got three more bra-making kits stored up (two from Tailor Made and one more from Madalynne), so my lingerie binge likely isn’t over yet!

Pattern:  Madalynne Barrett Bralette, size S and Watson Bra and Bikini Pattern size S
Fabric and Notions: Madalynne bra kit, extra elastics from stash
Cost: $40.00 bra kit = $40.00
Time: 4.5 hours

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