Matching Set: Harriet bra and Simplicity 8436


It might have something to do with all of the Valentine’s Day advertisements I keep seeing, but the bra-making bug bit me again. In the past week, I’ve sewn up two matching sets. Here’s the first: a Cloth Habit Harriet Bra paired with Simplicity 8436, a Madalynne X Simplicity pattern.


Let’s start with the bra. The first time I made a Harriet, it turned out gorgeous, but too tight. I made a second version with lace leftover from that first kit, and made a 30C instead of 28D. It never made it onto the blog because it looks identical to the first version. But, the 30C fits wonderfully.

IMG_1523For this black lace version, I again made a 30C, with no adjustments, and again used a Tailor Made kit. I wasn’t a huge fan of the Porcelynne wires that I had on hand (I find them too thick/stiff), so I stole the underwires out of my very first underwire bra, the Classic Full Band Bra.


Does anyone else struggle with underwires? This part of bra-making is nervewracking to me. The construction is straight-forward, but as soon as it comes time to insert the underwires, I get nervous that everything is about to go wrong. I’ve started cutting the underwires out of my RTW bras when they wear out, and they are all significantly shorter, thinner, and wider (rather than u-shaped) than underwires that I have bought online. It could be that I just haven’t found the right wires for me yet. That quest continues.


I had plenty of lace and elastic leftover from the kit to make matching underwear with Simplicity 8436. The pattern calls for using different fabrics for the front and back, but I used lace for both pieces. Being greedy, I wanted to save some lace to make another bra, too, so I was very strategic in cutting out the pattern pieces. I pieced the front with an extra seam. The seam coincidentally lines up with the front edge of the lining, so it’s really hidden. My measurements are just into the medium size range on this pattern. I typically wear a small or extra-small, so this seemed odd to me. To compensate, I cut right between sizes small and medium. This turned out to be the right size. Because this pattern uses the scalloped edge of the lace on the back, it uses very little elastic. If you’re looking for a pattern, but are running short on elastic, this could be a good choice.

IMG_1503I’m super happy with this set, and feel like I’m finally getting the hang of this bra-making thing. The next set is a little different, and further from my comfort zone, so stay tuned!

Pattern:  Cloth Habit Harriet Bra, size 30C and Simplicity 8436, size S/M
Fabric and Notions: Tailor Made bra kit, underwires from Bravo Bella
Cost: $27.00 bra kit + underwires from stash = $27.00 ($28.99 if you count the cost of the Simplicity pattern)
Time: 6 hours

2 thoughts on “Matching Set: Harriet bra and Simplicity 8436

  1. I love your lacy set! I think I should too ditch the foam and make one un-padded bra, too. I know what’s wrong with your underwires, though. Most of the more fashionable RTW bras are of plunge or push-up type and those require either push-up or short underwires. You can buy those, too, from Bra Maker’s supply or B-wear. You can make sure by comparing the shape of your underwires to the underwire charts here: The only pattern that I know that uses short wires is Pin-up girls Amanda/Alyssa. For me, though, the short wire is the only one that doesn’t cause me pain, so I modify all my bras to use the short underwire by lowering them at the front.


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