Adventures in Knitting: Nancy’s Socks

Again with the knitting? Yup! I’ve been sewing plenty, but it’s a lot easier to photograph socks than large garments when it gets dark before I get home from work most days. I’ll be back with more sewing as soon as I can manage some pictures, but, in the meantime, here’s my latest knitting project.


I am trying to learn a new skill every time I knit a new pair of socks. Seeing how this is just my third pair, that’s been a pretty easy task so far. With my first pair, everything was new! I knit them top-down on a combination of double-pointed needles and magic loop. With my second pair, I knit toe-up. On this pair, I doubled up on new skills and knit a lace pattern two-at-a-time in magic loop. This yarn is Cascade Heritage in Avocado, leftover from my Rocky Mountain socks.


This pattern is called Nancy’s Socks by Wendy D. Johnson. It’s available on Ravelry, or on her website. They’re knit toe-up with a heel flap (I think). The lace pattern is made up of yarn overs, slip slip knits, and knit two together stitches. It wasn’t too difficult to execute, as long as I paid very close attention. As soon as I lost my spot, or, dropped a stitch, though, it took me quite a while to recover. The execution isn’t perfect, but I’m quite proud of how these turned out. For some reason, though, I think that they look better flat than on my feet. The pattern seems more purposeful flat. Maybe blocking would help with that?


I started this pair back in July, before I started my Harvest Cardigan, and finally finished them in January. I’ve started knitting two projects at a time, so that I can have one more difficult project (these socks fall into that category), and one more mindless project going at the same time. This way I’ll always have a project that I can take to a knitting group!

Yarn: 1 skein of Cascade Heritage in Avocado, leftover from my Rocky Mountain socks
Needles: US2 circular, US1 double pointed
Cost: Free
Time: 6.5 months

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