Work wear: NewLook 6123


I’m finally catching up on blogging all of the makes from my fall sewing plans. This is the only dress of the bunch. It’s my second version of NewLook 6123. The first version was my dissertation proposal defense dress.


I made my first version out of some stretch suiting, but managed to position the stretch vertically so that it helped with fit approximately zero. The dress ended up a little too tight (though I do still wear it!). I overcompensated here, though, and bought a super stretchy stretch double knit jacquard suiting from I thought that I was buying a woven fabric, but this is definitely a knit, with a huge amount of stretch. So much so that this fabric feels spongy, almost like a scuba or sweater knit. Looking at the link now, it clearly says “double knit” in the fabric description, so I’m not sure how I missed that…


Thanks to all of this stretch, I eliminated the zipper and the dress pulls on easily over my head. But, also thanks to the stretch this dress feels and looks like it’s a little too large. I don’t think that it’s especially flattering for this reason. The spongey fabric also doesn’t work well with the pleats. I suspected this when I decided to go ahead and make this dress after receiving the fabric in the mail, but forged ahead. I tried to sew the pleats down to the dress about three inches into the pleats, but that hardly made a difference at all. When I wear this dress, I tend to play with these pleats every time I see myself in the mirror.


As far as work wear goes, this dress is SUPER easy. It’s wash-n-wear and is easy to put on during a Monday morning sleepy struggle. Sometimes I wear a cardigan over it and belt it to combat office AC, othertimes I wear it just like this. Easy peasy. It’s too bad that the fit isn’t just how I’d like it. I think that I’ll give this pattern another go, using a stretch woven fabric–with the stretch running across my body. That should be the Goldilocks version!


Pattern: NewLook 6123 in size 8
Fabric: 1.5 yards of stretch double knit jacquard suiting from @ $11.48/yd
Cost: $17.22 fabric = $17.22
Time: 4 hours

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