Winning at stashbusting: 2 Sewaholic Dunbar sports bras


I don’t know what has gotten into me, but I have been on a roll at using up my stash lately. Most of those projects (including Rare Bears, dog bandanas, braided bowls, and underwear) haven’t made it onto the blog, but I wanted to share this one with you. Here are two Sewaholic Dunbar sports bras, made almost entirely with fabrics and notions left over from other projects.


Here’s a rundown of the materials I used:

  • Variegated black and dark pink polyester spandex jersey from this pair of running tights (still not quite gone, but getting close)
  • Hot pink athletic mesh from these Grainline Lakeside running shorts
  • Swimsuit fabric from a terrible, never blogged attempt at a Madalynne Sierra bra swimsuit top (that top may make it onto a post all about failed projects)
  • Powermesh leftover from my first underwire bra
  • Powermesh stolen from a bra kit (don’t worry, I never use up all the mesh that comes with kits!)
  • 3/4″ elastic from stash


I’ve made one Dunbar sports bra before, also from scraps!  As before, I made my typical Sewaholic size 2 with the only adjustment being slightly shortening the elastic in the bottom band. The fit is great, supportive without being uncomfortably tight. My only complaint about this pattern is that it is difficult to get the front to lay flat because of the bulk of the seams with the sweetheart neckline detail. They look a little crumpled on, but it doesn’t bother me.


Back when I blogged my first Dunbar, I wasn’t able to run and test it out. I can now happily report that they pass the running test! Now that I have 3 Dunbars, I may have more handmade sports bras than store-bought sports bras. I never thought that would happen. Now to get there with my normal bras too. More on that soon!


Pattern:  Sewaholic Dunbar view B in size 2
Fabric:  Various leftover athletic and swimsuit knits, powermesh
Notions: 3/4″ elastic (1 yd purchased, 1 yd from stash)
Cost: fabric, powermesh, elastic from stash + $0.99 elastic  = $0.99
Time: 6 hours for both

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