Knit faux wrap dress: McCall’s 6713


When I started my first job, I bought two knit wrap dresses from Banana Republic that became staples in my work wardrobe. They’ve worn out in the 7 years since. I recently started working full-time again, and I wanted to find a nice knit wrap dress pattern to make a new arsenal.


This is McCall’s 6713, and it is not the pattern. I thought this was a full wrap dress when I bought it, but it’s actually a faux wrap. The top overlaps like a wrap, but the skirt is a regular skirt. There are two skirt options, one close-fitting (this one), and one that is more of a circle skirt. The pattern also has an option for a flounce on the skirt, which I made here.

I have a few problems with the pattern itself: 1) It calls for shoulder pads. This is a modern pattern. Who in their right mind would include shoulder pads?? 2) There are no finished garment measurements included in this pattern. I made my typical size for McCall’s patterns (8), and the waist was about 6″ too large.


I fixed the waist issue by severely shortening the elastic at the waist, and attaching it in a channel so that it could be further shortened later, if needed. This turned out to be quite a pain because I had to unpick a bunch of serging, but I’m glad I got a wearable dress in the end.

Other than this issue, the dress went together smoothly. My only other complaint (apparently I’m full of them today) is with the back neckline. It keeps wanting to flip out, because it is too long. If I were to make this pattern again (unlikely), I would take some darts out of the back neckline. I haven’t done that here because the top is lined so this would be a little tricky.


Alright, I’m done complaining, and ready to find a different knit wrap dress pattern. Any recommendations?

Pattern: McCall’s 6713 in size 8
Fabric: 2 yards floral rayon spandex jersey from Joann’s
Notions: 3/8″ elastic from stash
Cost: $16.78 fabric + notions from stash =$16.78 ($17.78 if you count the cost of the pattern)
Time: 6 hours

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