Matching set: Harriet Bra and Bella Lace Panties


My second goal for Me Made May was to get back into bra making. To jumpstart this endeavor, I bought myself a bunch of kits from Tailor Made and the Cloth Habit Harriet Bra. Here is the first of many bras to come.


I’m really happy with the Harriet pattern. It is a soft cup bra, with three pieces in the cup, plus the cradle, and band. This is pretty close to the shape that I would buy in a store, though I am really drawn to foam cup bras. I’ve seen some examples of this pattern made with foam cups, which is one of the reasons I wanted to give it a try.

I followed the measuring instructions that come with the pattern, and was instructed to make size 28D. This seemed suspect to me, as I normally wear a 30C or 32B, but the pattern included a caution that you may be making a smaller band size and larger cup size than you are used to, so I went with it. I should have trusted my instincts.


This bra is certainly wearable–and by far the best-fitting bra that I have made. But, it is definitely tight and a little uncomfortable. For my next version, I will make a 30C. Fortunately, there aren’t too many pattern pieces involved, so cutting out a new size is no big deal.

Tailor Made’s kits do not come with underwires, so I bought a couple of sets from Porcelynne. These wires were too long, so I dug out the toolbox and shortened them with some wire cutters. Easier said than done, but I eventually managed. I knew I had to cover the sharp raw edges of the wires, and Brandon had a great idea to use Sugru to cover the ends. This worked out great. Full discolosure: I haven’t washed this bra yet, but we’ve used Sugru to repair our dryer before, so I don’t see this being a problem.


One of the great things about being small-chested is that every bra kit I have every purchased has had enough extra materials to make matching underwear. In this kit, there was actually enough for me to make two pairs, including elastics! I used a new-to-me pattern, the Evie La Luve Bella Lace Panties. I discovered this pattern through their  Instagram feed. If you’re looking for lingerie inspiration, look no further. I used the leftover 1/2″ picot elastic from the bra kit for this pair, rather than the fold-over elastic that is called for in the pattern. This worked out just fine, but is rather firm. Next time I will size up to a medium, which should make them more comfortable.

All in all, I think this endeavor was a great success. Neither part of this set fits perfectly, but I feel like I made something quite beautiful, and learned a lot in the process. I’m excited to start my next set which will hopefully fit perfectly!

Pattern:  Cloth Habit Harriet Bra, size 28D and Evie La Luve Bella Lace Panties, size S
Fabric and Notions: Tailor Made bra kit, underwires from Porcelynne
Cost: $27.00 bra kit + $2.87 underwires = $29.87 ($54.79 if you count the cost of the patterns)
Time: 6 hours


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