Adventures in Knitting: My first pair of socks

I haven’t talked much about it on the blog, but I’ve gotten pretty into knitting lately. I first started knitting in December of 2015, with a basic scarf. I then graduated to dish cloths and became addicted to knitting baby hats, but none of those have made it to the blog. About a year into my knitting journey, I decided that I really wanted to knit a pair of socks for myself, and I just finished them!

I bought this yarn at Michael’s with some 50% off coupons. It is Patons Kroy self-striping sock yarn, and I bought 3 skeins but ended up using almost 2 for this pair of socks. It is a blend of 75% washable wool and 25% nylon.
I wanted a super basic free sock pattern, without any frills. After a bit of searching the internet, I landed on a tutorial called a sock on 4 double-pointed needles by Come to Silver. This is a top-down sock with ribbing at the top.
I had learned how to use magic loop by making baby hats, so I used magic loop for most of these socks, transferring to double-pointed needles for turning the heel. This project took me a year and a half to finish because I had to re-do the first sock multiple times. I kept knitting it too tightly and too small for my own foot. I was getting nervous again with the third go-around, and a nice lady named Robin at my local knitting group encouraged me to just try on the half-knit sock. Game changer! The sock fit over my foot and onto my calf, so I could proceed with confidence. Rather than having second sock syndrome, my second sock came together much more quickly than my first.
You could say that I’ve caught the sock knitting bug. For my next pair, I want to try a toe-up pattern. I’ve already purchased the yarn as a souvenir from my recent trip to Colorado. It is a locally dyed grey and green wool blend, that reminds me a lot of the lichen growing on rocks in the mountains. I’ll have those ready and posted around 2020…
Needles: US2 circular, US1 double pointed
Cost: $5.99
Time: 1.5 years



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