Rose gold (faux) leather jacket: Sewaholic Cordova


I went out of my comfort zone with this rose gold faux leather jacket. Metallic jackets are having a moment, and I’ve made this pattern before, but as much as I wanted it to work, this was not a successful pairing.


This pattern is the Sewaholic Cordova. It seems to be one of Sewaholic’s least popular patterns, but was the very first jacket I made. I made my original version out of a lightweight blue tweed back in 2013 (pre-blog picture below). I still wear it occasionally, but it has some issues that were repeated and exasperated in my new faux leather version.


The three things that bother me about both my original and new versions of this jacket are: 1) it doesn’t have a collar, which either means that I can’t wear it with collared shirts, or I have to wear a scarf to cover up the awkwardness; 2) the shoulder pleats are too dramatic; and 3) it doesn’t have pockets. Sewaholic, how could you release a jacket pattern without pockets??


The shoulder pleats are much more dramatic on this version than my first. So much so that they have a dramatic 80’s vibe. Not great for everyday wear. Combined with the metallic fabric, this jacket is ready for a Prince party.


Maddie of Maddie Made This posted made a great Kelly Anorak out of the same fabric. I saw one of her in progress pics on Instagram while I happened to have the fabric from Mood open on my computer screen. After seeing the success she was having with her jacket, I went ahead and ordered the fabric to make a jacket of my own. The fabric itself is very nice. I feel bad to have wasted it on this project!


Despite this jacket being an epic failure, I did learn a lot about working with faux leather along the way. Faux leather doesn’t tolerate heat well, so instead of ironing, I topstitched all of the seam allowances flat. I love this finish and have replicated it on a recent project. The thick fabric can also tolerate a hefty metal zipper, which I think looks super professional.


I gave this jacket the ‘ol college try and wore it to school one day. It’s really not for me, though, and is currently in my giveaway pile. If you’re interested (or going to an 80’s dance party soon), let me know!

Pattern: Sewaholic Cordova, view B, size 2
Fabric: 2 yards rose gold faux leather @ $17.99/yd, 2.5 yards Bemberg rayon lining @ $7.99/yd
Notions: X″ separating zipper, interfacing
Cost: $55.96 fabric + $2.99 zipper + interfacing and thread from stash = $58.95
Time: 10 hours

3 thoughts on “Rose gold (faux) leather jacket: Sewaholic Cordova

  1. liamarcoux

    It’s a shame you don’t like it…it seems like you’ve achieved a really professional result with a beautiful, tricky fabric. Pockets do seem like a dealbreaker. But if you need to dress up as space royalty (or space smart casual) any time soon, you’ve got it made in the shade!!


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