Black Ginger Jeans


I’ve wanted black jeans for a long time. When I studied abroad back in, oh 2010, my friend had a great pair of grey jeans that she wore constantly. I thought they were so cool, but I’ve never had a pair of anything other than classic blue myself. Eight years later, I decided to take things into my own hands and make myself a black pair.


I used the Ginger Jeans pattern by Closet Case Patterns to make this dream a reality. This is my third time making this pattern, so it’s now a TNT for me. I carried over my usual pattern adjustments (see posts here and here) but did not shorten the legs at all this time. I found that the denim continues to shrink a little in the wash, so the extra length can’t hurt.


I went for a minimalist approach on these jeans. I used regular black thread for topstitching and did not add any design on the back pockets. Looking at these pictures, I think I may try to do something about the bagginess around the knees for future versions. This is much more noticeable in this version, probably due to the small amount of stretch in the denim.


I sourced the materials for these jeans from a variety of shops. I was super excited to find out that my new local fabric store carries jeans kits from Closet Case Patterns, so that’s where I got my rivets and buttons. I had to go to Joann’s to get a black zipper, and ordered my black denim online. The fabric I’ve used is a Ralph Lauren black stretch denim from Mood. The denim was a little stiff when it arrived, and didn’t have as much stretch as I was expecting. I was surprised when I put on my finished pair to find that this denim does not have as much stretch as my now worn-in Cone Mills denim pair. Clearly, I just need to wear them more to break them in!


Fabric: 1.5 yards Ralph Lauren black stretch denim @ $13.99/yd from Mood Fabrics
Notions: Interfacing from stash, black jeans zipper from Joann’s, jeans button and rivets from Freeman’s Creative
Cost: $20.99 fabric + $1.49 zipper + $9.00 jean kit + interfacing from stash = $31.48
Time: 6 hours


3 thoughts on “Black Ginger Jeans

  1. liamarcoux

    Looking good! Black Gingers would be constantly useful, I think. I have a friend with a pair of jeans that are an interesting warm mauve-y brown…I’ve never been able to source anything like it!


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