Project update: NewLook 6123


I’m not much for refashioning or alterations. If a piece of clothing doesn’t work for me, I generally just give it to a friend and wish it luck on its new journey. I almost gave this dress away at a clothing swap last month. It was too tight in the shoulders and upper back, forcing me to stand up uncomfortably straight. I was a little too sentimental about it, though, since I defended my dissertation proposal in it, so I couldn’t give it away that easily. At the last minute had a change of heart and a brilliant idea. What if I just removed the sleeves?


So, that’s what I did. I unpicked the sleeve seams (serging and all) and tried the dress on. Suddenly I could move my arms! Knowing that there was potential here, I ran to Joann’s to grab some navy bias tape to finish the armscyes.


Bada bing, bada boom. It’s like I have a new dress! Sometimes all it takes is half an hour and $1.50 to turn a project from a failure to a success. I’m glad I didn’t give up on this dress too soon.

Pattern: NewLook 6123, updated to be sleeveless
Notions: 1 package bias tape
Cost: $1.49
Time: 1/2 hour

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