Dark Floral Pajama Set


This fabric was an impulse purchase one day back in October. I saw it on the shelf and thought that it would be perfect for an Ogden cami. When I took it to the cutting counter, there was a little bit extra left on the bolt, and the sales lady asked if I wanted the rest for 1/2 off. I said yes, hoping there was enough extra to make a pair of matching pajama shorts. I was right! Now I have a versatile cami that can be worn as a layering piece, or as part of a matching set of pajamas.


Despite having purchased this fabric in October with a pattern in mind, other projects kept jumping over it in the project queue. I didn’t cut into the fabric until December, but once I did, I powered through and made the set from start to finish in one evening. I started around 4pm, and finished by 10, taking a break for dinner.


The Ogden cami was smooth sailing, now that I’ve made it 5 times (see here, plus one unblogged version). For the shorts, I decided to try something new, and ultimately landed on the free Boxer Pajama Shorts by Melly Sews. This pattern is super simple, and only comes in one size, but was made for my measurements. I just made one change to it.

The shorts pattern calls for 1″ elastic, but I didn’t have any on hand. I had both 1 1/4″ elastic and 3/4″ elastic. I wanted to use the 1 1/4″ elastic, since I thought the rise on these would be plenty high to lose 1/2″, but I wasn’t paying very close attention and before I knew it I had a 1″ casing sewn on the top of my shorts. I threaded the 3/4″ elastic through, and everything worked out just fine. If I had it to do over, I would use the thicker elastic, though. My hunch was right, and the rise on these is plenty high.


And there you have it! I’m now the proud owner of a sophisticated dark floral pajama set. Even though this is a tank and shorts set, it feels wintery to me because of the dark, moody print. Perfect to curl up in with a good book. The tank is also super versatile and looks great paired with jeans or a pencil skirt and a cardigan or blazer.


Fabric: 1.75 yards dark floral polyester @ $5.51/yd
Notions: 3/4″ elastic, thread from stash
Cost:  = $9.64 fabric = $9.64
Time: 5 hours

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