Christmas Tree Skirt


For the past few years we’ve been using a blanket as a tree skirt for the holidays. I wanted to up our game this year, and make a skirt that would complement our dining room, where we put our tree. Red would not do.


After quite a bit of searching up and down the aisles at Joann’s, I ended up with 1.25 yards of this green and blue plaid. It wasn’t even in the holiday section, but in with the apparel flannels. It is super soft, and actually made of acrylic.

I also wanted to add some pizzaz to the skirt, something to differentiate it as a purposeful tree skirt rather than a random blanket. I thought that the white lines would be complemented nicely by some white trim. I originally wanted to do a pom pom trim, after seeing an adorable plaid and pom pom tree skirt on Pinterest. Joann’s was out of their normal white pom pom trim, though, and only had upholstery pom pom trim, which has quite large pom poms (about 1″ diameter) and is about $20/yard. So, I called an audible and opted for white faux fur trim instead. I’m quite happy with this decision.


At the cutting counter, I had to break out my 9th grade geometry to calculate how much was needed. C=πd. Does anyone else remember what this means? Circumference = pi times diameter. I wanted a tree skirt that was about 4′ or 48″ in diameter, so I estimated that I would need about 4 yards of trim. This is a slight underestimation (which I was aware of, but didn’t want to deal with fractions of a yard), so I ended up with a tree skirt that was about 46″ across instead.

Side story: My (female) 9th grade geometry teacher told us that no girls would get an A in the class because girls aren’t wired to succeed at math. If you know me at all, I made sure that I got an A in that class. And here I am using what I learned in that class 15 years later. Take that!


There are tons of tutorials on tree skirts out there on the Internet, so I won’t go into too much detail, but here is the gist of what I did: First, I folded fabric into quarters as you would for a circle skirt, tied a string onto my caulk pen and used that to draw a circle. I cut out the circle and then cut one line straight from the outer edge to the inner edge to form a slit. Next, I hemmed the outer edge using bias tape from stash (the color didn’t matter because it is covered up by the fur). I then finished the edges of split using white bias tape. I took the remaining white bias tape and divided it into quarters, each about 1′ long, and sewed on the ties to the underside of the slit. Finally, I glued on the faux fur trim around the circumference with a hot glue gun.


Start to finish, the whole project took about 2 hours, tops. I think it looks great under our tree!

Pattern: N/a
Fabric: 1.25 yards acrylic plaid flannel @ $7.79/yd
Notions: 1 package single-fold bias tape, 4 yards double-fold bias tape, 4 yards faux fur trim @ $6.74/yd
Cost: $9.74 fabric + $26.96  trim + bias tape from stash = $33.70
Time: 2 hours


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