Holiday Sewing: Ice Skate Ornaments


I’ve started a bit of a tradition with my mother-in-law. For the past two years, Brandon’s parents have come over for Thanksgiving. Over the holiday weekend, his mom and I make a new set of Christmas ornaments. Last year we made ornaments reflecting my heritage: Scandanavian fabric stars a la Crafting a Rainbow. This year we made little felt ice skates, which is a nod to Brandon, who has played hockey since age 3.


I got the idea for this ornament on Pinterest (surprise, surprise). The pattern is from Swoodson Says. It has three pieces: the white boot, the black heel, and the grey blade, which are all cut out of felt. We made 8 pairs of skates out of 4 sheets of white felt, 1 sheet of black felt, and 1 sheet of grey felt. Other than the felt, we also used embroidery thread for the laces and jingle bells on the hanger. All of these supplies were on sale at Joann’s for black Friday, so this craft turned out to be extremely affordable.

It took us a little while to figure out how some of the assembly steps. We generally followed the tutorial, but had some problems with the laces. We eventually figured out that it is easiest to start at the top of the boot, zig zag down toward the toe, and then work back up the other side.


Once we figured that out, we cruised through making these, and I think that they  turned out super cute. They’ll be hanging on our trees for years to come!

Fabric: 6 sheets of felt
Notions: Embroidery thread, jingle bells, polyester filling
Cost:  = Less than $4
Time: 4 hours (x 2 people)

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