Ballet-inspired wrap top: Simplicity 8424


I did a little impulse shopping at Joann’s over the Black Friday holiday. On Wednesday, I took advantage of their 5 for $5 sale on Simplicity patterns and picked up this pattern, along with a few others. I then went back on Friday and bought the fabric for this project. This fabric was just 40% off (no better than a regular day at Joann’s), but I bought it anyway. It is a fairly thin poly-spandex blend from their activewear section. It’s nothing special, but I wanted a grey performance material and this fit the bill. 


The pattern is what really caught my eye. I was drawn in by the ballet-inspired View C leggings (which I’ll write about in another post), but started with this view E wrap top. I really hemmed and hawed about what size to make. My measurements are pretty spot-on for size small, but with Big 4 patterns I never made the size that the pattern tells me. The measurements of the finished garment include quite a bit of negative ease, so I ended up going with a small. I’m not sure if that was the right call or not.


This top went together pretty easily, and I sewed it up mostly on my serger. What’s not immediately clear from the pattern envelope is that the entire neckline is stabilized with clear elastic. It is, therefore, very important to apply it with even tension throughout the entire neckline. I wasn’t totally successful at that.


The directions give very traditional instructions for inserting the sleeves, including two rows of ease stitching, basting, and finally stitching the armsyce. This seemed like complete overkill for a knit to me, and I disregarded most of it. Instead, I pinned the sleeve in, stitched it on my sewing machine, and then finished it on my serger. As you can see, my armsyce seams don’t look fantastic, so my decision may have been a little brash.


This shirt gets an OK from me. It’s not great, but I’ve certainly done worse. Here I’ve styled it in a casual way, but it is advertised as activewear. I’m not sure how practical that is. I would only see this working at a barre/yoga/pilates/ballet class, but I tend to get pretty hot if I’m working out indoors. I guess it could work as a layer that gets taken off right before class.

Full disclosure: I have not taken a ballet class since kindergarten and I have no idea what I’m doing in these pictures.

Pattern: Simplicity 8424, View E, size small
Fabric: 1.25 yards Performance Apparel Poly Spandex @ $10.19/yd
Notions: clear elastic, thread
Cost: $10.19 fabric + elastic and thread from stash = $10.19 ($11.19 if you count the cost of the pattern)
Time: 3 hours

8 thoughts on “Ballet-inspired wrap top: Simplicity 8424

  1. The disclosure was the best, lol! 🙂

    Cute! I have every garment from this pattern cut out. I’ve sewn the leggings and want to sew all 3 tops. I was on the fence on the sizing for the wrap top so glad to find a review of it!


    • Haha, thanks! I’ve also sewn up the leggings, but still need to take pics. What did you think about them? I have some mixed feelings, but it might be due to me making them in a rush.


      • I just got back as I’m just writing up my review/blog!

        I am accustomed to/prepared for Big4 leggings to have way too much room through the knee. After I shaped them I REALLY liked them. I had added the ties to the bottom but tying them each time was annoying and cumbersome so I cut them off. I added the waist tie to a second pair and while i left it, I find it bulky too. The overall fit of the leggings, I like and will make a 3rd (plain) pair.


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