Sewaholic Oakridge Blouse


When Sewaholic released the Oakridge Blouse and the Granville Shirt in rapid succession back in 2015, I immediately gravitated toward the Granville. I’ve made it 5 times now (see here, here, here, here, and here) and have plans for at least 2 more. The Oakridge also seemed interesting, but it sat on the back burner. Finally, almost 2 years later I’ve gotten around to making it. 


The real catalyst for this shirt was finding a kit for it on clearance on Craftsy. It came with the paper pattern and plenty of this rayon challis. I just needed to pick up some buttons and thread to finish it off. These buttons came from my local fabric store, Mulberry Silks. I was originally planning on using plain blue shirt buttons, but I couldn’t resist these fun pink ones when I saw them.


I had a couple of issues putting together this shirt. First off, I apparently didn’t cut it quite straight. The left and right fronts ended up about 1/2″ off from one another. I decided that it was more important for the print to line up than the hem, so I placed the buttons accordingly. There wasn’t much I could do to fix this at the neckline, but I redid the hem on one side so that it is even. Fortunately, the bow should cover up the unevenness at the neckline. Speaking of the neckline, it does not want to lay completely flat. The bow is designed with both sides symmetric, which seems strange for tying purposes. I’ve never had a bow blouse before, though, so maybe this is normal? Anyone have tips on how to tie the bow?

Like all Sewaholic patterns, I’m really happy with the fit on this. It is loose and blousy, but not frumpily so. It definitely has more ease than the Granville, which you can see if you compare the pictures.


My only problem with this blouse is that I have nothing to wear with it. I’ve done such a good job at eliminating ill-fitting clothing from my wardrobe that I now only own 2 pairs of pants (Ginger jeans and Cosmic Sadie Pants) and don’t have any complementary skirts. I guess it’s time to make something new!  I’m thinking either a pink pencil skirt or navy pants. I just bought the North Point Trouser pattern by Itch to Stitch, so that may do the trick.

Pattern: Sewaholic Oakridge Blouse in size 2
Fabric: 3 yards 100% rayon from a Craftsy kit
Notions: 7 1/2″ buttons from Mulberry Silks, interfacing from stash
Cost: $32.00 Craftsy kit + $4.20 buttons + thread from stash = $36.20 (including pattern)
Time: 6 hours

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