North Point Trousers


Since learning how to sew, I’ve become so picky with how my pants fit that I now only own two pairs of pants: these Ginger jeans and these crazy elastic-waisted Sadie pants. All of my other pairs of pants (both RTW and me-made–see failed Colette Clovers here) have been given away or trashed. With the arrival of fall, I decided that it was time to make a proper pair of pants for myself. Enter the North Point Trousers by Itch to Stitch.

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Sewaholic Oakridge Blouse


When Sewaholic released the Oakridge Blouse and the Granville Shirt in rapid succession back in 2015, I immediately gravitated toward the Granville. I’ve made it 5 times now (see here, here, here, here, and here) and have plans for at least 2 more. The Oakridge also seemed interesting, but it sat on the back burner. Finally, almost 2 years later I’ve gotten around to making it.  Continue reading