Carrie Cardigan


The comfy cozy sewing continues! This is the Carrie Cardigan by Delia Creates, which is part of Indiesew’s fall/winter collection. I’ve followed Delia Creates for a while now, but never made any of her patterns. As it turns out, I am actually good friends with her brother-in-law, which I found out after having followed her blog for a while.


This cardigan was made on a Tuesday at a sewing friend date night. We should have started a blog series all about comfy sewing, because the last time we met up we made matching Hudson pants (that I’m wearing as I type this up). This time I suggested that we made cozy cardigans and suggested a couple of different pattern options. My friend picked this one. The Carrie Cardigan is a super slouchy, comfy cardigan. It’s not my typical style, but I am embracing all things comfy and cozy this fall.


We actually made 3 cardigans in just 3 hours at our sewing date: 2 with French terry, and this one in a thick sweater knit. I bought this fabric the day that it came out on the floor at Joann’s. They also had it in green and red. I can’t seem to find it on their website anywhere, though.


The cardigans came together really easily. With just 4 pattern pieces, cutting out was very quick. I appreciate how Delia doesn’t mess around with her fabric allowances. I had just enough to make the size XS with 2 yards. The cardigan also came together quickly. The most time consuming part was pinning on the band that wraps all around the cardigan instead of a hem. The band probably saved time over hemming, though. There’s no way my sweater knit would have cooperated with an iron.


I wore this cardigan just two days after making it, before taking blog photos. That’s a stamp of approval in my book. It should be great for those transitional days, when a coat feels like overkill and it will be 70 degrees by the afternoon, and as it continues to get colder.


Pattern: Carrie Cardigan by Delia Creates in size XS
Fabric: 2 yards of diamond sweater knit from Joann’s at $8.49/yd
Cost: $18.25 fabric +  thread from stash = $18.25 ($26.75 if you count the cost of the pattern)
Time: 2 hours

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