Fall 2017 Sewing Plans


The back-to-school propoganda has started popping up everywhere. Brandon actually warned me not to go to Target unless I wanted to be surrounded by moody teenagers anxious about going back to school. Rather than thinking about school myself, I’ve made up a list of Fall 2017 sewing plans. They fall into two categories: special occasion dresses and mix-and-match basic separates. 

Professional sheath or wrap dress. In September I plan to defend my dissertation proposal. That occasion warrants a new dress, in my book. I want to make a sheath or wrap dress that I’ll be able to wear for a long time to come once I re-enter the world of work. I bought NewLook 6123, and plan to make view A in a solid or neutral pattern.

Wedding guest dress. Then, in October I’m attending a wedding and want to make a new dress for it. I plan to use the Named Patterns Kielo Wrap Dress pattern and I’ve already purchased an abstract printed Italian knit rayon for the dress from Mood. It should be a quick make, given the simplicity of the pattern–just 3 pattern pieces!

And now on to the basic separates. This will be the last year that I get to lounge around the house in comfortable clothes all day, so I plan to embrace it.

20a21-photovisi-downloadSweat pants or joggers. I’ve been wearing my  Sadie Pants up  a storm since I made them. I’d like to make some more comfy elastic-waisted pants that aren’t pajamas. Cue the True Bias Hudson Pants which can be made out of knit or woven fabrics. In a knit fabric I guess they’re technically sweat pants, and in a woven they’re “joggers.” I’ll take one of each, please!

More camis. You can never have too many camis. I plan to make a few more  True Bias Ogden Camis in solid colors. These wardrobe staples will be great for my present lounge-ready self as well as my future professional self when worn under cardigans and blazers.

T-shirts. Similarly, I need some basic tees. I haven’t made any since this Plantain Tee from 2015, and I’m ready to try out a new pattern. I seem to love anything Sewaholic, so I’m going to try the Sewaholic Renfrew Pattern and make it up in basic solids and maybe even a stripe.

And there you have it! I think this will be a nice mixture of fun dresses and practical basics. It’ll definitely be a comfortable season!


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