Summer Seersucker McCall’s 6695


On July 1st, I decided that I wanted a new dress for the Fourth. Something fun and summery. Of course I didn’t go out and buy one…I made one!


I’ve had this pattern (McCall’s 6695) in my stash for a couple of years, and thought it would be a great fit for a breezy summer dress. I was right. This dress is super easy to wear and is great for the heat.

I made View B, the sleeveless version with a ruffle. Everything went together smoothly, but I found a few things about this pattern strange. The entire dress is underlined. This makes sense seeing that it is designed for lace fabrics (pretty specific marketing IMO), but I’m glad that I read the instructions before buying fabric. This seersucker is a tad sheer, so I ended up lining the bodice as instructed, but chose to wear a slip for the skirt instead of lining it too. That seemed like a waste of fabric on a little summer dress.


The pattern has a lot of unnecessary accoutrements. The skirt has some cute asymmetrical pleats, but is also elasticized. That seems a little redundant to me. I would have been just fine with one or the other. To further unnecessarily complicate things, the dress also calls for an invisible zipper in the side seam. Have you ever seen a RTW dress with an elastic waist and a zipper? I went with my gut and omitted the zipper, and I can get it on just fine (but if you have a larger chest the zipper may be necessary). There are also pleats on the shoulder, which are completely covered up by the ruffle. What is the point of hidden pleats? I would understand if they were for bust shaping, but there is also a seam going down the front and back of the bodice for that. Speaking of, that seam is bizarre. It’s pretty hard to see with my stripes, but it’s there. The instructions actually want you to make that seam a French seam on the outside. I summarily ignored that and I put my seam on the inside, thank you very much.


Despite my qualms about the design features of this dress, I really like it. It’s comfy, will definitely stay up thanks to some elastic in the neckline, and has pockets. I have a feeling I’ll be wearing it a lot the rest of the summer.


Pattern: McCall’s 6695, View B, Size 8
Fabric: 3 yards 100% cotton grey/white seersucker @$5.00 /yard from Joann’s
Notions: 1/4″ elastic
Cost: $15.00 fabric + elastic and thread from stash = $15.00 ( $16.00 with pattern)
Time: 8 hours

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