Cosmic pants: Style Arc Sadie Pants


These pants have a chamellion-like quality. They can be dressed up to wear to work or down to wear to bed because they are so comfortable. They also pair well with a surprising number of shirts. Does black with multi-colored splatter count as a neutral?


This was my first forray into Style Arc’s pattern line. I had been intimidated in the past by their notoriously concise instructions. This was also my first time buying a single size pattern. Based on my measurements, I bought a size 8, which turned out to be just right. Fortunately, the fabric I used contains some spandex, and the waistband is elastic, so there was some room for error.


Speaking of error…. I could not for the life of me figure out how to attach the elastic waistband to these pants. There aren’t a lot of reviews of this pattern online, and the only two that I could find (see here and here) used black fabric, so I couldn’t see many construction details. At the suggestion of an IG comment, I emailed Style Arc, and they responded within a few days with a picture of the finished pants from the inside. This was helpful (if anyone else is struggling through these pants, please let me know and I’ll send you the pic!), but I was impatient and finagled the waistband on my own before they responded. I ended up cutting off a strip about 1 1/4″ wide from the top of the pants and then attaching the elastic so that it lined up with the pocket. The finish is a lot cleaner on one pocket than the other, but that’s okay. I doubt I will ever tuck a shirt into these pants, so the elastic will be hidden.


I’ve worn these pants a handful of times, and can vouch for their comfort. They are great for traveling. I always get cold on airplanes, and these kept my warm and more comfortable than jeans. I also really like the ankle length, and the notched hem detail (shown above).

Style Arc is known for having well-fitting pants patterns, and this is no exception. Even though these have an elastic waist, I think they are quite flattering. I will go to Style Arc for my next pants-making endeavor.

Pattern: Style Arc Sadie Pants, size 8
Fabric: 1.5 yards 95% polyester 5% spandex stretch satin fabric @$7.79/yard from Joann’s
Notions: 1 1/2″ black soft waistband elastic
Cost: $11.69 fabric + $2.40 elastic + thread from stash = $13.09 ( $22.58 with pattern)
Time: 10 hours

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