Me Made May 2017: Week 3


Three weeks down, one to go. At this point, I don’t even think about reaching for things that I haven’t made in my closet. 

I did make a key addition/change to my wardrobe this week, though. I took my first pair of Ginger jeans and cut them into a cute little pair of cuffed shorts. I enjoy wearing them SO much more now. Perfect for the summer weather we had this week. I took pictures along the way, so you may see them featured in a new blog post.

Day 15: Casual Monday in a plantain tee and my new Grainline Studio Lakeside pajama running shorts

Day 16: On campus in my floral Newlook 6184 and short-sleeved Mousehouse Creations Julia cardigan…both made in 2014!

Day 17: Concert-going in my Grainline Studio Lakeside pajama cami, white Grainline Studio Archer, and my stretch Ginger jeans cut into shorts

Day 18: Back to school in my black and white striped maxi dress and Denim Sewaholic Granville

Day 19: Pool party in a self-drafted(ish) black bikini and my stretch Ginger jeans cut into shorts

Day 20: Meeting up with fellow Durham Sewing blogger, Allie of Allie Jackson Sewing and Style(!!!) wearing my Go Anywhere Dress and floral circle scarf

Day 21: Hanging at home in my floral Colette Patterns Moneta dress

My favorite outfit from this week is from the 18th, when I wore my maxi dress with a denim shirt overtop. You can’t really get more comfortable than a maxi dress. In this particular case, I did wear a pair of RTW shorts underneath as the dress is just the tiniest bit sheer. The only other non-me-made that I wore this week were socks and an athletic swimsuit for swimming laps.

For the next week, I’m going to try to pull things out of my closet that I haven’t worn for a while. As I type this, I’m wearing Ginger jeans though….

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