Grainline Studio Lakeside Pajamas… as Running Shorts


I’ve made two pairs of Lakeside pajamas before (a crazy butterfly pair and a silky black and white pair) but this version is way different. This time, I made these pajama shorts into running shorts! 


The only thing that makes these running shorts as opposed to pajama shorts is the fabric. Here I used a hot pink mesh fabric from I actually bought this material on a complete whim. I was ordering some curtain lining fabric that cost $45. offers free shipping if you hit the $50 mark, so I needed a few more items. Suddenly a yard of this hot pink mesh was in my cart. Because I already had the pattern and elastic left over from my last pair, these shorts were a bargain at just $3.98.

I made my own bias tape again for this version. I love the clean sporty finish that it gives the shorts, but it really can be a pain to apply. I still haven’t gotten the hang of joning the side seams with the overlapping bias tape (maybe 4th time’s the charm?), but I doubt anyone will notice.


I’ve worn these shorts on numerous occasions already, and I’m a big fan. They’re great for running and lounging, but not so great for other athletic activities as they’re a bit short, so beware if that’s your intention.

Pattern: Grainline Studio Lakeside Pajama shorts, size 4
Fabric: 1 yard polyester athletic mesh knit from @ $3.98/yd
Notions: Self-made bias tape, 1.25″ elastic
Cost: $3.98 fabric + elastic and thread from stash  = $3.98
Time: 4 hours

One final note: I’ve started a new category in “my closet”, found on the left navigation page. You can now look at all the activewear I’ve made in one place. It’s a pretty small collection now, but has recently been growing quite a bit, and I plan on continuing to add to it. Check it out!




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