Me Made May 2017: Week 1


This is my fourth year participating in Me Made May, and this year I’ve upped the ante. For the month of May,  I’ve decided to wear ONLY clothes that I’ve made.

There will have to be exceptions, of course, but I am keeping them to a minimum. This week, I wore only me-mades (including undergarments…not pictured) with the exception of athletic socks. I’m posting daily photos on Instagram (@rryberg1), but here are the deets. From left to right, top to bottom…

Day 1: Physical therapy and working from home in my Sewaholic Dunbar sports bra, Jalie Cora running rights, blue Plantain tee (not pictured)

Day 2: On campus in my Denim Sewaholic Granville, floral pencil skirt

Day 3: Working from home in my Black and white Plantain tee, dusty rose Julia cardiganstretch Ginger jeans

Day 4:On campus in my  Sewaholic Yaletown dress

Day 5: Working from home in my Polkadotted Jasper sweatshirt dress-worn as sweatshirt, stretch Ginger jeans

Day 6: Garden visit, farmer’s market, and sewing in my Black and white Jasper sweater, non-stretch Ginger jeans

Day 7: Another sewing day in my Flannel Sewaholic Granvillestretch Ginger jean

My semester is essentially over at this point, so I’ve been dressing more casually than normal. Unless I’m going to school for a meeting, I’ve been wearing jeans. It’s hard to believe that I barely wore jeans before I made my two pairs of Gingers. I’m going to try to class it up a little more in the next week, though, and wear some more of my dresses. This should be easy, as I’m going to a wedding!


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