Holiday Hollyburn


This is one of those projects that wasn’t planned, but just sort of happened. I finished my existing project and was ready for a new one, but didn’t feel the need to go shopping (gasp). I had this red upholstery fabric in my stash (probably from Hancock Fabrics’ going-out-of-business sale, but I can’t be sure), and thought it would make a nice skirt. I already had the Sewaholic Hollyburn pattern cut out, and knew it worked with stiffer fabrics. So, one night I found myself cutting a Hollyburn out of this mystery upholstery fabric.


The skirt came together quickly. Sewaholic patterns always seem to come together easily and fit well for me. When I first made this skirt, I thought it might be too ugly to wear out in public. Due to the drape of the fabric, it is almost bell shaped. I tried to explain this to a friend, and her response was, “you mean it gives you hips??” I replied something like “well, more than hips, more like a bell” but she wasn’t buying it. What do you think?

Even though I wasn’t sold on the skirt, I thought it was festive and wore it to a holiday party, paired with my polka dotted cardigan, as in these photos. I got some compliments on this ensemble, apparently it gave off a vintage vibe. Hard to go wrong with that.


This fabric has very little give to it, so the waist is smaller than my previous Hollyburn. This doesn’t make it great for eating meals, or even wearing for long periods of time, but I like it in small doses. It has even gotten some wear beyond the holidays.

Pattern:  Sewaholic Hollyburn in size 2
Fabric: 1.5 yards red upholstery fabric from Hancock Fabrics (?)
Notions: zipper, thread
Cost: fabric + zipper + thread from stash  = $????
Time: 4 hours

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