Running Tights Take 2: Jalie 3462 (Cora)


Joann’s has really upped their activewear fabric game lately. I was really impressed with their selection last time I went, both in terms of selection and the seemingly improved quality of that selection as well. I was inspired to make another pair of running tights, since it’s, you know, winter. Plus, I’ve been playing intramural soccer.


I used the same pattern, in the same size as my first pair of running tights, Jalie 3462 aka Cora. I didn’t make any pattern modifications, but I did construct this pair on my serger rather than my sewing machine. This made the assembly process much faster, and I think the tights are stronger and will last longer this way.


I even bought serger thread that matches for this project (if you read my first post, you might remember that I used white thread on the waist seam that is quite visible). Grey seemed like a safe bet because it will match or at least blend into a lot of different fabrics. This is only the second time that I’ve bought serger thread, because it is expensive! I had a bunch of coupons, but still it cost $7.23 for the four spools. Fortunately, they should last a long time, and can be used for a number of different projects.

There are just two other things notable about this make. First, I have the same issue with the ankles being tight as with the first pair. It’s not a deal breaker, but something to keep in mind if you’re making this pattern without a coverstitch machine. Second, I didn’t have any regular 3/8″ elastic for the waistband, so I ended up using swimsuit elastic. I’ve worn these pants maybe 5 times now, and it seems to be holding up fine. I’m interested to see how it does in the long run. No pun intended.


All in all, I am much happier with this pair than my first. That can be attributed to the higher quality raspberry fabric and making them with a serger. They are more comfortable thanks to the fabric and I don’t get nervous at all bout busting seams while wearing them thanks to the serging. The back pocket is also more secure, thanks to some practice.

Pattern: Jalie’s 3462 Cora Running Tights in size R
Fabric: 1 yard spacedye wine jersey from Joann’s, black stripe contrast knit from stash
Notions: 3/8″ elastic,  thread
Cost: $11.89 main fabric +  contrast fabric , elastic, and thread from stash  = $11.89
Time: 4 hours

7 thoughts on “Running Tights Take 2: Jalie 3462 (Cora)

  1. Kathy Vesely

    Hi Renee! I just started following your blog on April’s recommendation. You are so adventurous! I consider myself an experienced seamstress (I don’t like the term “sewer–” has too many other connotations. Haha). I’ve made dozens of prom and bridesmaids dresses in my time, but NEVER have I attempted a shirt with a placket front or athletic wear. Good job! Say hi to your mom next time you see her (although I’ll probably see her first since she only lives 2 blocks away! 🙂 ). Looking forward to more postings. Take care.


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