Sewaholic Granville #4: Flannel Plaid


I hope you’re not getting bored of my Granville shirts yet, because I’m back with a fourth!  This time I made up a plaid flannel version, perfect for fall and winter.


I don’t have too much to say about this shirt, since I’ve made it so many times now. One thing that was different from my previous versions, though, is that I attempted plaid matching for the first time–and was fairly successful. I cut the cuffs, button band, yoke, and pockets on the bias for some visual interest. The plaid lines up (the horizontal lines at least) across the front and at the side seams. Somehow I managed to completely forget about the center back, though, so that doesn’t line up at all. Oopsies!


The fit on this shirt is great. It’s slim fitting and great for layering. As it’s gotten a little chillier, I’ve been wearing it with a vest–either this tan one or a dark brown one. Unfortunately, this shirt doesn’t look great under sweaters because of the chest pockets. Something to keep in mind for future versions.


The fabric for this shirt came from Joann’s. I used a 60% off coupon for the flannel, so instead of it being $8.99/yard, the entire shirt cost $8.99. I’d be hard pressed to beat that price buying the shirt in a store. Sewing your own clothes doesn’t always end up being cheaper, but I love it when it works out that way.


Pattern: Granville Shirt by Sewaholic Patterns in size 2
Fabric: 2.5 yards plaid flannel from Joann’s @ $3.60/yard
Notions: 6 buttons, interfacing
Cost: $8.99 fabric +interfacing, thread, and buttons from stash  = $8.99
Time: 5 hours

7 thoughts on “Sewaholic Granville #4: Flannel Plaid

  1. liamarcoux

    Hooray! I just found your blog when searching for plaid Granvilles – I love yours! Do you remember, did you have trouble sewing bias-cut plackets? I suspect they can be kind of a pain.


    • Thanks for stopping by! I don’t remember having a problem with it. I think because the flannel is pretty thick and stable it went smoothly. I can’t remember if I interfaced them or not, but I bet that would help too.


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