Dining Room Redec


Happy belated Thanksgiving, everybody! This year we hosted for the first time, and I wanted to make sure that our dining room was nice and presentable for company. We hadn’t really decorated our dining room since we moved in back in February, so I ended up making most of what we needed. I made placemats, napkins, and curtains for our dining room, plus I reupholstered our dining set.


I guess I should start with the curtains, because that’s where all of the inspiration came from. This awesome fabric is called Woodblock Leaf Rain, and is part of the Robert Allen @ Home collection. I ordered it from Fabric.com. The curtains are lined with a lining fabric that I bought during Hancock Fabric’s going out-of-business sale. I used this tutorial to assemble the curtains. I found the tutorial incredibly helpful, but did adapt it so that I could use the full width of the outer fabric rather than cutting down its width.


I LOVE how these curtains turned out. They’re fun and fresh, yet still sophisticated at the same time. We hung a double curtain rod just below the ceiling so that the window appears larger. Because the curtain rod is up so high, the sheers that we already had became too short. I ended up buying a new pair from Amazon, and hemming them to the perfect length.


Next up are the chairs. When we bought this dining set, it was upholstered with bright green fabric that we intended on changing from the get-go. I knew that I wanted fabric that complemented, but didn’t match the curtains. So, I used another fabric from the Robert Allen @ Home collection, called Textures Tiles Rain. The reupholstery process was pretty simple. If you’ve never done it before, you basically unscrew the seats from the chairs; remove all of the old fabric (if desired); add additional batting for cushion (if desired); staple new fabric on top, making sure to pull it taught; and reattach the cushions to the chair. These chairs had about 6 previous layers of fabric on them. It was fun to see their history, from a classic stripped sateen, to a blue print that screamed 80s.


With the most important parts of the room updated, I turned to table linens. There was just enough leftover fabric from the curtains and the chairs to cut out six placemats. I made these about 18″ by 14″ just like the gifted placemats I made last summer. They’re just simple rectangles, backed with an offwhite linen from Joann’s. I contemplated using a thicker fabric in the middle to make them stiffer, but in the end used just the upholstery fabric and linen backing and they turned out just fine.


Last but not least, I made a set of napkins out of the same linen used to back the placemats. For this set, I just cut out squares, and then hemmed all four sides. Aren’t these napkin rings cute? Perfect for the holiday. The dining room is now my favorite room in the house. It’s customized to our tastes, and completely unique. Plus, it’s where we get to have family and friends over and eat!


Pattern: n/a
Fabric: 2 yards Textures Tiles Rain @ $11.98/yd, 6 yards Woodblock Leaf Rain @ $13.90/yd, 6 yards lining @ $3.24/yd, 2 yards linen @ $4.00/yd
Notions: thread from stash
Cost: $23.96 Textured Tiles fabric + $83.40 Woodblock Leaf fabric + lining + linen = $134.80
Time: 15 hours

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