Black and White Jasper Sweater


I made my first version of this pattern about a year ago. For this version, I wanted a more versatile make, so I stuck with the sweater length. I can vouch that this sweater is comfy and cozy. I wrote it all day Friday and am very happy with it. The fit is nice and relaxed, but still fitted enough to give you some shape, thanks to the princess seams.

img_7954In terms of construction, I simplified a few things on this make compared to my last version and the pattern’s instructions. First, I omitted the kangaroo pocket on the front. I wanted this sweater to be a little more refined and less casual than a sweatshirt, so I left off the pocket. I also omitted the epaulet and button on the collar. I made the epaulet, but didn’t feel that it was necessary to add it on. I like the collar on its own as well. Finally, I sewed this sweater up almost entirely on my serger. I know that because I had many seams pinned and waiting to be sewn up as I waited on new serger needles. I broke one on the sweatshirt I made for Brandon before this sweater, so my serger was out of commission for a few days.


Speaking of sergers, mine has been a little troublesome lately. I’ve had it for over a year now, and done no maintenance on it, so that may be part of the problem. Its cutting blade seems to be getting dull, and the serged edges look ratty because they’re not getting cleanly cut before being serged. It also has some problems cutting through multiple layers at seams, for example. This lead to the broken needle I mentioned above. Fortunately, there are serger needles on Amazon Prime, so that was no big deal. It seems to be a little more difficult to find a replacement blade, however. I ordered one online, but it doesn’t fit my machine, and my local Joann’s doesn’t carry them. I just ordered another one online yesterday, so hopefully that one fits!


With this make, my fall sewing checklist is almost complete! I just need to finish knitting that scarf… Believe me, I’ve been working on it. Seed stitch is just incredibly slow going for me.

Pattern: Jasper Sweater/Dress by Paprika Patterns in size 1
Fabric: 2 yards of textured black and white sweater knit from Joann Fabrics @ 11.99/yd
Notions: N/a
Cost: $23.98 fabric + thread from stash = $23.98
Time: 4 hours

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