Pink Jenna Cardi


As the weather starts to cool, I like to continue to wear my favorite dresses, but layer them up with cardigans and tights. It’s not quite tights weather yet, but it is time to break out the cardigans!

This is my second version of the Jenna Cardi by Muse Patterns. I really like the cropped option. It works well with fit and flare dresses, unlike most of my longer store-bought cardigans. Despite this being my second time making this pattern, there were some struggles along the way.


I narrowed the cuffs this time, by about 1/2″, as they are a little big on my first version.  I’ll need to narrow them even more next time, though, since they’re still a little loose. The sleeves don’t quite stay up when I push them up past my elbows.

I also had trouble with the buttonholes on this cardigan. My Brother machine really does not like making buttonholes on knit fabrics. I tried to use my friend’s machine, that successfully made the buttonholes on my last Jenna Cardi, but it wouldn’t cooperate with this loose sweater knit either. My final solution was to sew on buttons, but to have them be unfunctional. You win some, you lose some.

This sweater knit is a pretty loose weave. You can see in the picture below that it is pretty transparent. That will probably mean that this won’t be the warmest cardigan ever, but I didn’t really expect it to be.

This fabric is one of the last pieces I bought as part of Hancock Fabric’s going out-of-business sale. It was fairly late into their closeout, so there was a 2-yard minimum with any purchase. I’ve got one yard left of this fabric, and I’m not sure what I’ll do what the rest. Perhaps I’ll make some little baby cardigans. This girl doesn’t need more than one baby pink cardigan.


Pattern: Jenna Cardi by Muse Patterns in size 32
Fabric: 1 yard pink sweater knit from Hancock Fabrics @ 4.49/yard
Notions: 6 buttons
Cost: $4.49 fabric + thread from stash + $1.00 buttons = $5.49
Time: 5 hours

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