My first quilt…for a good cause


Back in February, I came up with the idea to make a baby quilt and donate it to a baby in need. I’m not sure where exactly this idea came from, but I think it may have been from another blogger. So, if you blogged a donated quilt back in February, thank you for the inspiration!


As a quilting noob (my only previous quilting experiences were these pieced napkins, and these hand-quilted placemats), I enlisted the help of two friends to pull off this project. Both of these friends have more quilting experience than me. Nicole has made t-shirt quilts in the past, and Kendra is a quilting pro, having grown up helping her mom made some seriously impressive hand-quilted masterpieces.


We used the tumbling block quilt pattern by Purl Soho. I was really drawn to the optical illusion of cubes with this pattern. The step-by-step instructions complete with pictures also help put me at ease with undertaking this project.

So, with a pattern in mind, we set off to the fabric store to pick out our supplies. As a group with pretty different tastes, I was surprised at how easily we landed on our four fabrics: a light blue print, a light pink floral print, a bright yellow bird print, and navy blue for the binding and back. At first we were aiming for gender neutrality, but we clearly didn’t succeed in that part of our endeavor…


All together, we met 4 times to assemble the quilt. Our first meeting was at the fabric store to pick out supplies. The next time we met, we managed to cut out all of the shapes for the top of the quilt. All 101 parallelograms. Fortunately, they’re all the same size. At our third meeting, we sewed strips of parallelograms together to form lines of cubes. You can see a few in-progress pics on my Instagram, here and here.

At this point, I had a little extra time on my hands, so I finished piecing the lines together into one giant rectangle that became the quilt top. For the binding, we cut the backing 2 inches larger on all sides and simply folded it over the top. This turned out to be incredibly simple, and much less fussy than a traditional binding. And finally, at our last meeting, we used giant needles threaded with yarn to tie the three layers of the quilt together, while watching the Olympics opening ceremony.

And there you have it! It’s possible to make a crib-sized quilt in just four sittings when you enlist the help of friends.


The quilt will be donated to Project Linus, an organization that provides hand-made blankets to “seriously ill and traumatized children” in hospitals, shelters, and wherever else they may be. I don’t have any personal connection to the organization, so I can’t say too much about them, but they do make it very easy for “blanketeers” to donate blankets, with lots of nearby drop-off locations, including both small local businesses and Joann’s.

I didn’t really keep track of expenses or time spent on this project, so I don’t have records to post my typical “abstract.” That wasn’t really the point with this project, anyway.  I hope that this quilt will be well-loved by someone who needs it, and know that a lot of love went into making it.






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