Men’s shorts…take two


Back in September, I tried to make a pair of shorts for Brandon. They didn’t fit quite right, so they found a home with my little brother. Now that it’s summer, I decided to give it another go.


I used the same pattern in the same size as my first attempt. Because the main fit issue was the width of the pant legs, I just used a more narrow seam allowance for the legs. I can happily report that the legs now fit well. This time the waist is too small. I made size 32, just like Brandon normally wears, but it turns out that these fit more like a store-bought size 31.


At least I can report these shorts look a lot nicer than the first pair. For one, I didn’t mess up the zipper fly this time. I was also more successful with the rear pocket placement. On the first pair, the pocket completely covers the bottom of one dart, while the dart sticks out for about an inch under the other pocket. On this pair, the pockets and darts are even. The welts are also a little neater than the last go-round.


I’m not a huge fan of the front pockets on these shorts. The pattern calls for two lines of top stitching around the pockets. This is a pretty casual look, in my opinion, and causes a bit of a reverse mullet. Party in the front, business in the back. Brandon also reports that these pockets are really tight, and that most men’s shorts have a different style of pockets on the front.


When I was shopping for fabric for these shorts, I accidentally bought the same fabric that I used in the first version. It’s a medium-weight khaki twill. For the pockets and facings, I again used some green cotton from my stash. The only difference material-wise from the first pair is the color of the zipper. I used a light blue zipper from my stash for this pair.


All in all, these shorts are more successful than my first attempt at them. The fit still isn’t great, though, and they will probably be given to someone else. Hopefully the third try is the charm?

Pattern: Jutland Shorts by Thread Theory in size 32
Fabric: 2 yards of khaki from Joann Fabrics @ $5.99/yard, lining fabric from stash
Notions: interfacing, button, and zipper from stash
Cost: $11.93 in fabric + notions from stash  = $11.93
Time: 8 hours

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