Me Made May 2016: Week 4


It’s official. I’ve made it through Me Made May, and wore at least one me-made garment every day. Here’s the recap of the last week or so.


Monday, May 23, spent working in my goldenrod pencil skirt and H&M shirt. I still really need more neutral shirts to wear with fun skirts like this.


Tuesday, May 24, spent working in my Seamwork Mesa Dress, with RTW cardigan.


Wednesday, May 25, spent working in my brand spanking new Sewaholic Yaletown Dress. I made this dress from a Craftsy kit, and couldn’t be more pleased. Blog post coming soon!


Thursday, May 26, working from home in my very first skirt (NewLook 0116) and a shirt from the Gap.


Friday, May 27, spent working in my floral Colette Patterns Moneta Dress. This was my first repeat outfit of the month.


Saturday, May 28, playing frisbee at the dog park in my blue Doe and Deer Plantain Tee and Banana Republic shorts.


Sunday, May 29, at home in another Deer and Doe Plantain Tee.


Monday, May 30, Memorial Day, at home in yet another Deer and Doe Plantain Tee, this one with 3/4 sleeves.


Tuesday, May 31, back to work in my Ghana wax cotton dress, made with NewLook 0180, and a RTW sweater. I managed to spill on myself while making breakfast, just half an hour after putting this dress on. Hopefully it comes out in the wash.

And, that’s a wrap! Last year I did a whole analysis of what I wore, but I don’t have as much to say this year. I’m still wearing garments I made in 2014, which are some of my first makes. I’m also enjoying my most recent makes so much that I’m wearing them before blogging them. I wore almost all of my makes this month. The exceptions are two dresses that just weren’t appropriate for either the season or any occasions this month. I didn’t blog it, but I also wore lots of self-made pj’s and undergarments.

My other goal for the month was to clean out my closet and eliminate clothes that don’t make me feel great, either because they don’t fit, or don’t flatter. I am happy to report that I cleaned out my closet this morning and am giving away a pile of clothes that no longer work for me. If I’m able to make some key basics, I may try to wear only me-made makes next year!

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