Me Made May 2016: Week 2


We’re now halfway through Me Made May 2016 and I’ve managed not to repeat any garments! Here’s a brief recap of the week.


Sunday, May 8, spent at home relaxing in a freshly finished dress. So fresh that I haven’t had a chance to take proper pictures and blog it yet. This is the free Olsen Dress by Salme Patterns. It’s a simple tank dress with elasticated waist. My fabric is very sheer, so I also made a simple slip to go with it.


Monday, May 9, back to school. I wore my Sewaholic Hollyburn skirt with an old H&M shirt and necklace from Zambia.


Tuesday, May 10, another day in the office. I wore a floral dress with my pink Julia cardigan. This dress is an oldie but a goodie. I made it two years ago out of a floral cotton sateen. It has some stretch to it, so it is incredibly comfortable to wear. The pattern, NewLook 0180 is now a tried-n-true pattern for me, but this was my first of now three versions.


Wednesday, May 11, in another Newlook 0180, this time with a flared skirt. I made this version for my little brother’s college graduation last year. It’s linen, so it’s great for warm days like we’ve been having. Looking at this picture, though, it could really use a belt.


Thursday, May 12, in the office in a Colette Moneta and one of the few store-bought purchases I made last year. Like the New Look dresses above, I’ve made the Moneta a number of times now. This was my very first rendition, also made back in 2014.


Friday, May 13, I took a field trip with my friend Nicole. We scheduled ourselves a tour at Spoonflower, which happens to practically be in my backyard! The tour was so much fun. I’m wearing a crazy mushroom skirt I made using the NewLook 0116 pattern and a buttondown from Express. This skirt is also one of my early makes, from 2014.


Saturday, May 14, hosting a cookout. I’m in my chambray dress made from Simplicity 1688. I tied my white Archer buttondown on top to protect my skin from the sun. Two more 2014 makes.

This week was full of throwbacks for me. I wore 6 garments that I made in 2014, many of which I made before moving to the South. I’ve had a major lifestyle change since moving, (being a grad student will do that to you…) so I’m pleasantly surprised some of my older makes are getting more wear.

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