Me Made May 2016


It’s almost that time again! As a refresher, Me Made May is an annual challenge hosted by Zoe of So, Zo…What Do You Know? to encourage makers to wear their handmade goods more often. I’ve participated the last two years, and couldn’t be more excited to participate again. I really enjoy the camaraderie that pops up in the blogosphere and social media around this event, but this year I’ve even recruited a real-life local friend to join in.

I’m giving myself two challenges this year. First, to wear at least one article of me-made clothing each day. I’ve successfully completed this challenge each of the past two years. The second part is new, though. I want to also take this month to reevaluate what is in my wardrobe, and eliminate things that I don’t love.

I’ve recently realized that I’ve had a decent proportion of my clothes a long time. Like, since high school. I’m approaching my 10-year reunion, and some of them just don’t look so great anymore. I don’t plan to go as far as creating a capsule wardrobe, but I want to feel great in everything in my closet.

I plan on posting daily photos on Instagram (#MMMay16), and weekly round-ups here on the blog. I’ll also post a reflection at the end of the month, complete with graphs, as my inner stats nerd can’t resist real-life applications!

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