Baby color book


This project was 100% inspired by Pinterest.  I was browsing one day, probably procrastinating studying for finals, and came across an adorable soft color book that someone had made for their baby. Fortunately, the picture was linked to a blog, and I was able to make one of my own to give to my 6-month old niece for Christmas.

This turned out to be a great scrap busting project.  I already had everything that I needed: a rainbow collection of fabric scraps, muslin for backing the pages, batting to make it soft, and bias tape and snaps for the closure. My friend Nicole came over and we each made a book.  Some of the fabric scraps are actually from her. She had some nice solid colors, which helped to calm down my crazy patterned collection.

IMG_9991Each page is a quilted collection of scraps representing a different color of the rainbow.  The pages, of course, go in order: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. It’s fun to look through the book and think back to all of the projects that generated the scraps, from my own clothing, to some of the recipient’s big sister’s. At first I found the quilting process a little stressful. I haven’t done very much quilting, and this “crazy quilting” style was new to me. It seemed pretty willy nilly, atheoretical if you will. Once I had a few pages under my belt, though, I relaxed and really enjoyed the process.

IMG_9994Since this was an original creation, I took advantage of the opportunity to customize the gift a little bit to make it extra special. I made a rainbow on the front, and anchored it with a black stripe at the bottom, which I embroidered with “Lila’s Colors.”  This was only my second time hand embroidering anything, so it’s not perfect, but hopefully that adds to its charm.


It’s now ready to be drooled all over ;-).

Pattern: Soft Book of Colors
Fabric: Scraps from my stash, plus 1/4 yard muslin and 1/4 yard batting
Notions: Snaps, bias tape
Cost: $0.00
Time: 6 hours

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