Mini me: Bubblegum coat by See Kate Sew


For my niece’s third birthday, I wanted to make her a coat.  She lives in Boston, so I thought it would be a practical gift, in addition to being pretty. I already had most of the materials on hand, so it turned out to be a quick and easy project, as far as coats go anyway.

This coat is the Bubblegum coat by See Kate Sew, with a few modifications. I had a sleek peacoat in mind, but had a hard time finding a pattern to fit that idea. I found a lot of patterns meant for lighter weight fabric, like flannel or fleece, but I wasn’t sure how they would translate to wool. Instead of risking it with one of those patterns, I used the Bubblegum coat, which is meant for thicker fabrics, but has a bit more going on, and looked more kid-like. Now, there’s nothing wrong with kids looking like kids, but I had an idea in mind. To modify the pattern fit my vision, I ended up using three buttons instead of four, and left off the patch pockets on the front. I could be wrong on this, but I don’t really see three year olds using pockets, and I figured the fewer buttons, the easier it would be to put on.

IMG_9453The pattern calls for 1.75 yards of main fabric and 1.75 yards of lining for the size three. I had a ton of fabric leftover from my Anise Jacket which I thought would work great. I also had about one yard of this cotton fabric with metallic gold hearts, which was actually picked out by my sister-in-law. I thought that the two fabrics looked great together, and was determined to make it work. Fortunately, I was able to squeeze everything into about 1 yard of lining and slightly less of main fabric. Sometimes I just don’t understand why patterns call for so much extra fabric.

IMG_9459Anyways, the coat came together easily. It turns out that making a child’s coat is a lot ease than making a woman’s coat.  Who would have ever thought? The most difficult part was trying to get the collar to lay flat. It is so little that it just seemed to spring back up to attention.

The most fun part of the making this coat was picking out the buttons. Once the coat was 90% assembled, I brought it with me to my local fabric store, Mulbery Silks. They have a fantastic button selection. I probably spent about 20 minutes admiring buttons and narrowing down my choices to about six different buttons. I then went over to the cutting counter and asked for some second opinions. These teal and gold buttons were the unanimous winner. They really make the coat unique and one-of-a-kind. I love the way that they coordinate with the metallic hearts in the lining.

Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 1.19.45 PM Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to give the coat to my niece in person; but, I have gotten very positive reports. She even wore it for her school pictures yesterday. Happy third birthday, Emilie!

Pattern: Bubblegum coat by See Kate Sew in size 3
Fabric: 1 yard of teal wool melton from the stash, 1 yard metallic hearts cotton
Notions: 3 buttons from Mulbery SilksWeft Interfacing from Fashion Sewing Supply
Cost: Fabrics and interfacing  from stash + $10.20 buttons + $1.80 thread  = $12.00 ($17.00 if you count the cost of the pattern)
Time: 8 hours

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