Goldenrod Pencil Skirt


Remember how an impulse purchase recently led me to a disaster of a tank top? Well, I bought this fabric at the same time as part of the same impulse purchase. It is an upholstery fabric that was found in the exact same clearance bin at Joann’s. Fortunately, this story has a happier ending.

IMG_7843I had almost a yard of the fabric, and made it into a pencil skirt using a pattern by Simple Sew. I’ve made this pattern once before, back in May, in a summery floral cotton sateen. Consider this my fall version. I don’t have too much to say about the pattern, as I made all of the same modifications as last time. I:

  • Modified the back slit into a vent
  • Hacked 5 1/2 inches off of the length
  • Trimmed most of the curve out of the hips

IMG_7853I have the same complaints as with my first version of the skirt. The smallest size is slightly too large. This is exasperated by the straight, rather than curved waistband. It doesn’t contour to the curve in at my waist, and sticks out just a little bit. I don’t think that the skirt looks obviously too big, but it has more ease than I am used to wearing. It looks better than I expected in these photos, though, so maybe I’m overreacting.

I am interested to see how this skirt holds up over time. The fabric frays like crazy, so I serged all of the edges. Still, the fabric isn’t really supposed to be washed, since it is upholstery fabric. Fortunately, I plan on wearing it with tights for most of the winter, so that should reduce the number of times it needs to be washed and hopefully extend its lifespan.


Pattern: Two-in-One Skirt Collection by Simple Sews in size 8
Fabric: 0.917 yards of upholstery fabric from Joann Fabrics
Cost: $9.17 fabric + $2.79 invisible zipper + free pattern = $11.96
Time: 4 hours

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