Inspired by Ugandan placemats…monochromatic napkins and potholders


A few weekends ago, I went home and my dad gave me three placemats from Uganda. Why he had a set of three placemats, I have no idea. Serendipitously, my current kitchen table will only fit three placemats, so it works out okay. Anyways, I was inspired by these placemats to make a coordinating set of napkins and potholders. Continue reading

Knowing when to give up and move on


With clothes shopping, you know if a garment is going to fit before you lay down your cash. With sewing, it’s a little different. Every time you test out a new pattern, it’s all a gamble, and frequently it’s hard to test the fit until the last few steps. Things can go wrong in so many ways.  Fit. Style. Combination of pattern and fabric.

It probably seems like I didn’t sew very much for myself this summer. I posted two swimsuits in August, pajamas and a simple knit dress in July, and a scarf and skirt in June. Writing that out, it doesn’t seem so shabby, but my less busy months work-wise are in the summer, so I expected to be cranking out clothes left and right. Unfortunately, I had a few failures. The two garments in particular that I’ll talk about below were never even finished. Continue reading

Stashbusting Toddler Tunic

For Labor Day, we went up to Maryland to spend the weekend with my boyfriend’s family including his two nieces. I couldn’t go empty-handed, so I whipped up this little tunic to bring with me. Without further ado, here is the last installment of my summer baby collection.

This little tunic features an organic cotton top with a button detail on the shoulders and a gathered blue skirt. It is my second Burdastyle pattern, and comes from the same June 2014 magazine as last year’s fall baby dress. The pattern pieces are actually modified versions of the same pattern, cut in a bigger size. Continue reading

Men’s Sewing: Thread Theory Jutland Shorts


This all started when Brandon complained that he needed new shorts at the beginning of summer. He had his cargo shorts from college, but wanted something a little nicer. I took forever to follow-up on this request, and in the meantime he bought 3 pairs from Old Navy. Nevertheless, I still wanted to try my hand at making a pair for him. I used Thread Theory’s Jutland Shorts pattern, after seeing Meg of Cookin’ & Craftin’ make a great pair for her husband.

Continue reading